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T here are not many great horror games on the Android platform, this is probably because we don’t feel scared while riding the bus home. The Light, fortunately is one of the few hidden gems which I happen to find upon chance. This is a horror game, but it never stoops to cheap violence and gore to scare the player and this is the beauty of the game. A few days back I was surfing the Play Store to get a new horror title, and I stumbled upon a game called Свет. It was all in a foreign language, but the screenshots were captivating and hauntingly beautiful.

The Light

I downloaded Свет regardless of my not being able to understand a word it said. After paying through half of the game I found out that the developer AGaming has already released an English version of the game called The Light. I immediately got the version which I was able to understand and to be honest I fell in love with this game.

The Light

The Light is about an abandoned structure in which you have to navigate and know what really happened there. The Light is presented in full 3D and has some of the best graphics I have ever seen in a Android game. The textures are high definition and this makes the game run a little slow in my opinion. Still they are remarkable for a mobile game. The graphics are the major factor in establishing that feeling of dread in the game which is essential in a good horror.

The Light

These days violent and gore filled games are mistaken for horror. A prime example is Dead Space 3 which although has the appropriate atmosphere stoops to cheap closet monster scares which makes the “horror” element diluted. The Light remarkably doesn’t do that and delivers genuinely creepy moments. That being said The Light does have some scares here and there, but this is probably because of the horror genre obligation. The Light presents a really creepy story along with great graphics and atmosphere, which is seldom seen in a mobile game.

The Light

The controls are quite simple, you control your character with a floating left virtual stick while the right side acts as a view controller. There is also a flashlight button in case you want to wander in the dark corners of the game. The Light has 5 levels as of now and all are of the same structure nicknamed “dead bunker”. There are enemies which you have to evade and run from. There is not much combat in The Light but it is still challenging in some parts. A 6th level is promised to be added soon to the game.

All in all I’m really impressed with what The Light has achieved here and if you are a fan of true mature horror, you will enjoy this game too. The Light emits the Silent Hill 4 vibe which is amazing for a fan of the series. A must have for those seeking a night of tension and scares, The Light is definitely among my favorites.

Google Play Link: The Light

Review The Light: True Atmospheric Horror
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The Light is the perfect match of exploration and horror. The game has a dense atmosphere with a tendency to suck you in it for hours. A must have for fans.
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